Watt Family Rebuild

Help us rebuild after we lost everything in the Marshall Fire.

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Hello all,

It’s been six weeks, give or take, since the fire. We’ve had three temporary homes in that time: one with family, one with friends, and one in a rental house in Louisville. The latter is very close to our neighborhood and home in Superior. Home isn’t home anymore, of course; we drive past familiar places and see charred ruins. Restaurants, stores, and other businesses that we frequented are gone or have closed temporarily. I especially miss Target. It’s closed until June so it can be remodeled, and while I’m happy for the upgrade, it’s another little loss knowing I’ll never go back to “my Target” again.

Aleander’s daycare was closed for several weeks due to fire and smoke damage, but it has since reopened and he has started school again. He seems to be doing really well, given so much change and upheaval. He started sleeping in a toddler bed recently and has the run of the house. An old friend from college offered to do a book drive/fundraiser with Usborne to rebuild Alexander’s library; they raised enough that he will have plenty to keep him busy until kindergarten at least. :) People have been incredibly generous in ways large and small.

Phil and I both started back to work last week. I find I have very little energy and focus, and it’s difficult to get through meetings with many people in attendance. I enjoy seeing coworkers and feel welcomed back at Naropa, but I’m exhausted and I overwhelm easily. I am grateful to have a steady job, an understanding boss, and a workplace that’s grounded in mindfulness and compassion.

Phil has started automating the house, which has been good for all of us. The lighting is much more comfortable and changes depending on the time of day, occupancy, and the weather. Even in a rental house, he can make it feel much more like home. <3

We have started to work with a builder on a new design for the rebuild. That’s been a sweet spot in all of this: the chance to build a home together. I always thought we would, just not under these circumstances. Losing our home has reinforced just how much we love our neighborhood, and we want to live there for the rest of our lives. Original Town will be very different, I know, but I’m hopeful that we can rebuild and come back stronger.

I turned forty on January 30. A bittersweet celebration, but I had a lovely day nonetheless.

❤️ Kelly

Kelly and Alexander smiling with birthday hats on