Watt Family Rebuild

Help us rebuild after we lost everything in the Marshall Fire.

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On December 30, 2021, our house and all of our belongings burned down in the Marshall Fire.

Thank you for supporting us. Please see the posts below for updates. Here are links to support us and our community directly:


The Winds of ________

It’s been windy here. And warm. And dry. So much so that BCARES sent out a proactive survey asking if we’d be available to deploy on Friday (it didn’t happen, thank goodness). It was the most dangerous day of the year for fires. But the year ain’t over yet.

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On Bulldozers and Fire

We’ve been in the rental house in Louisville for more than a month now. It’s both comforting and heartbreaking to be so close to our old neighborhood. We often drive a block from our house, and you can clearly see that it’s gone. The first time I went this route with Alexander in the car, I prefaced that our neighborhood looked really different than it did before. Thankfully he seemed not to notice or be bothered the first few times we drove by.

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February Update

Hello all,

It’s been six weeks, give or take, since the fire. We’ve had three temporary homes in that time: one with family, one with friends, and one in a rental house in Louisville. The latter is very close to our neighborhood and home in Superior. Home isn’t home anymore, of course; we drive past familiar places and see charred ruins. Restaurants, stores, and other businesses that we frequented are gone or have closed temporarily. I especially miss Target. It’s closed until June so it can be remodeled, and while I’m happy for the upgrade, it’s another little loss knowing I’ll never go back to “my Target” again.

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Before and After

Here is the last picture I took of our house before it burned down, and the first picture I took of it after.

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We have started a GoFundMe fundraiser for people who want to help using that platform. All donations will be used to help us rebuild our lives.

Thank You

Dear family, friends, friends of friends, coworkers, community members, and everyone:

We are still processing our grief, and will be, in some manner, for the rest of our lives. But we wanted to reach out and thank all of you for your amazing generosity and support. We want to thank each of you individually for your generous gifts, but there are so many of you helping us that there is no way we could possibly do this, so we will have to make do with this more generic thank you: Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts!

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