Watt Family Rebuild

Help us rebuild after we lost everything in the Marshall Fire.

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It’s been windy here. And warm. And dry. So much so that BCARES sent out a proactive survey asking if we’d be available to deploy on Friday (it didn’t happen, thank goodness). It was the most dangerous day of the year for fires. But the year ain’t over yet.

The winds blew some cool air into town, so for a couple of days we got clouds and cool.

Also, John Moore wrote an article in The Denver Gazette relating our story. Thank you, John, for interviewing us last week and for writing an excellent article.

In other news, we got a call from the Boulder County ROE (Right Of Entry) hotline informing us that debris removal would start on our property sometime next week. This is the county-coordinated cleanup option. There’s also the option to opt-out and go private, where you pay someone directly to clear your lot, hopefully using insurance funds.

We’d been working with a private contractor trying to get a quote that was acceptable to our insurance company, but we have different agents for different portions of the coverage and it’s added a bit of confusion and delay to the whole process. We were just starting to make some real progress with the private contractor quote when we got the call from the county. Oh well.